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Doggie Day Care

Many of your attractions are not permitting your pets to come along, as they are underground, so we have a day care centre for your loved pooches. Just ask at the reception for availability of the three private yards to look after your pet while you go on your adventures.

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Pet Policy

When staying at Opal Caravan Park with your dog, all owners agree to abide by our park rules and to take full responsibility for any personal injury or damage caused by your dog whilst within our park.  You also agree to pay for any claims of compensation in relation to your dog’s activities. 

Here are some simple Must DO's

·        Please keep your dog on a short lead at all times whilst in the Park grounds.

·        Pick up all dog droppings in a plastic bag which is to be tied and disposed of in rubbish bins provided.

·        Not allow your dogs to go onto any gardens or dig holes at any time

·        Leave your site clean and free of dog’s bones and other food scraps

and some Must NOT DO's - 

·        Please do not leave your dog/s unattended in the park or in a vehicle

·        Allow your dog into the pool enclosure, laundry, amenities, camp kitchen, BBQ or cabin areas

·        Wash or dry pet towels, blankets etc in the park washing machines and dryers

·        Allow visitors dogs to enter the park at any time.

We sincerely appreciate your co-operation in these matters.


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